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Buy Regestrone 5mg Tablets Online

Regestrone 5mg Tablets

Regestrone 5mg Tablets
Regestrone 5mg Tablets

Generic name

Norethindrone Acetate

US Brand






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Regestrone 5mg Tablets

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About Regestrone 5mg Tablets

How does Regestrone 5mg Tablets?

Regestrone is the generic brand medication of Progestin. The active ingredient is Norethisterone in this Tablet. Abnormal vaginal bleeding or Menstrual Disorder problem cure with the help of this tablet.

If any woman facing the problem of unwanted pregnancy, Regestrone 5mg tablet stops the ovulation in the uterus. This medication also used in uterus cancer to relieve the pain.

Major or Minor Side Effects
1.Dizziness or Drowsy.
2. Vision Problem.
3. Mensuration can be Irregular.
4. Breathing problem.
5. New hair growth on face.
6. Disturbance in Sleeping.
1. Already pregnant women should avoid the intake of this medicine.
2. If you are allergic to Norethisterone, stay away from this medication.
3. Always consult with your doctor if facing unwanted results.
4. Liver or Kidney disorder patients also avoid the intake of this medicine.
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