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Rivamer 4.5mg

Rivamer 4.5mg
Rivamer 4.5mg
Active Ingredients
Generic Brand for
4.5 mg
Manufacture by
Sun pharma
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90 Tablets $0.51 $0.51

Product Description

What is Rivamer 4.5Mg?
Rivastigmine 4.5Mg is a treatment for improving the working of brain nerve cells which lowers down in patients suffering from dementia. Rivastigmine is able to treat low to middle level of illness.

Rivastigmine 4.5Mg- Important Information
In case of- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or asthma, liver problem, heart problems, seizures, kidney issue, urination difficulty, sick sinus syndrome, or prostrate enlarged; doctor must be informed in advance. Rivamer drug is very important for patients to definitely inform the doctor about their pregnancy or lactation.

How Rivastigmine 4.5Mg works?
Rivastigmine stops by halting the chemical breakdown of organic neurotransmitter known as acetycholine. Acetycholine performs very important role in reasoning, memory and thinking. As per doctors prescription, the medicine needs to be taken unaltered.

Where to find Rivamer 4.5Mg?
Rivamer 4.5Mg can be purchased from many online pharmacy stores. Customers can also avail many discount schemes and get the drugs delivered at home with no extra charge. Authorized medical stores have designed their websites which are very appropriate and easy to operate.

Rivastigmine 4.5Mg- Side effects
In some cases, patients might experience- loss of appetite, seizures, fainting, abdomen pain, bloody vomit or stool, problem in urination, nausea, slow beating of heart, diarrhea, etc. Any serious trouble must be quickly consulted with doctor.

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