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Rizact 5mg

Rizact 5mg
Rizact 5mg
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What is Rizact 5Mg?
Rizatriptan, generic name of Rizact 5Mg, is a medicine used for headache caused by migraine. The drug is not meant for treatment of cluster headaches. It does not prevent occurrence of migraine. It is taken to recover from migraine attack. The medicine treats both migraine headaches- with aura and without it.

Rizatriptan 5Mg- Important Information
The drug is not recommended in case of- high uncontrolled blood pressure, vessel diseases of brain and blood, ischemic heart problems, or more than one type of migraines. Before consumption of this drug, doctor must be informed about- pregnancy, allergies, breathe shortness, liver problems, kidney disorder, diabetes, or any current or pat medication.

How Rizatriptan 5Mg work?
The drug narrows brains vessels of blood that stops signals of pain sent to brain, which ultimately blocks the release of migraine causing substances, such as- pain or nausea. The dosages should be strictly as per prescription of doctor. Rizatriptan is always supposed to be taken with a lot of fluid consumption.

Where to find Rizact 5Mg?
Rizact 5Mg is available with many online pharmacists. Reputed and authorized medical stores offer safe drugs at low and reasonable rates. The online chemists also provide free home delivery within limited working hours.

Rizatriptan 5Mg Side effects
Some possible reactions from this drug are- weakness, dizziness, allergic reactions, numbness, chest pain, sweating, fever, mood changes, diarrhea, vision difficulty, abdomen pain, stroke symptoms, breathing trouble, abnormal heartbeat or more. Seriousness of any side effects must be quickly consulted with doctor.

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