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Buy Coverit 2% 60ml Online

Coverit 2% 60ml

Rogaine  2% 60ml
Rogaine  2% 60ml

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60 Ml

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Micro Labs

Coverit 2% 60ml

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About Coverit 2% 60ml

What is Coverit 2% 60ml?
Minoxidil in Rogaine is an anti hypersensitive vasodilator medicine. It is used for preventing hair loss and regenerating new hair. It is used for treatment of androgenic alopecia. It should be used for a longer period of time to gain utmost results in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It may not be helpful in too much hair loss or baldness.

Minoxidil 2% 60ml-Important Information
If you are allergic to any medication then inform doctor before using this drug. If suffering from any serious illness inform doctor before using this medicine.

How does Minoxidil 2% 60ml work and dosage
Minoxidil contains nitric oxide and may work as nitric oxide agonist. It has to be applied twice daily or as recommended by the doctor. This medication has to be used continuously for a longer period of time for it to work effectively and promote re-growth of hair.

Minoxidil) 2% 60ml-Side Effects
It is generally well tolerated but in some cases some side effects like irritation, itching in the applied area, irritation in the eye, rashes, hives, allergic reactions, swellings etc or any other symptom may occur. Consult your medical practitioner immediately if any symptom becomes serious.

Where to find Rogaine 2% 60ml?
Rogaine 2% 60ml can be bought from any of the online drug pharmacies. These online drug pharmacies are registered and supply fresh stock of genuine medications. They sell at lowest rates possible and give discount and free home delivery facilities too.