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Saheli 30mg

Saheli 30mg
Saheli 30mg
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What is Saheli 30mg?
This is a non steroidal oral contraceptive pill used by women who want to delay or space their children. It is the only contraceptive pill which is free from side effects of nausea, vomiting, weight gains etc because it contains centchroman.

Centron 30mg-Imporatnt information
If there is history of any disease like jaundice or liver disease, chronic cervicictis, tuberculosis, renal disease, polycystic ovarian disease or any other then inform doctor. Medicine should be taken on fixed days and time. In case of pregnancy pill should be discontinued.

How does Centron 30mg work?
Centchroman does not alter basal or peak gonadotrophin levels and has no effect on progesterone or estrogen levels. Weekly dose of 30mg is recommended but it should be taken under medical supervision.

Centron 30mg-Side Effects
Generally because of Centchroman present in Saheli 30mg no side effect occurs. But in certain rare cases some side effects like rashes or any sort of allergy may develop. Seek medical help if any condition is severe.

Where to find Saheli 30mg?
You may buy Saheli 30mg medication from any of the online drug pharmacies. These online pharmacies are generally open 24x7. They sell fresh stock of genuine drugs at most economical rates. These online pharmacies even provide discounts and free home delivery.