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Albucid Eye Drop

Albucid Eye Drop
Albucid Eye Drop
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Product Description

What is Albucid Eye Drop 20% 10ml?
Albucid Eye Drop is composed of an antibiotic- sulfacetamide, and steroid-prednisolone. It is employed for treating swelling of the eye, caused by a bacterial infection. Albucid Eye Drop 20% is used for ocular allergy or inflammation of the eyelid, iris, and ciliary body of the eye.

Albucid Eye Drop-Important Information
After using Sulfacetamide Eye Drop 20% if there is no improvement in the symptoms or they start getting worse then the doctor should be consulted immediately. The dropper or the tube opening is sterile so should not be touched otherwise may cause infection. Avoid wearing contact lenses when using the medication.

How Sulfacetamide Eye Drop 20% 10ml works?
The sulfacetamide and prednisolone present in the medication help in stopping the growth of bacteria and reduces inflammation. It should be administered with the help of the dropper after washing hands properly and consulting the doctor regarding the dosage.

Sulfacetamide Eye Drop 20% 10ml-Side Effects
After putting the drops it may sting or burn your eyes temporarily. Some itching, redness of the eye, or eye discomfort may occur, but if symptoms persist then doctor is to be consulted immediately. Drops should not be used without consulting the doctor.

Where to find Albucid Eye Drop 20% 10ml?
You can buy Albucid Eye Drop 20% 10ml from any registered pharmacy online. 100% genuine products are available at good discounted rates.

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