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Deslor - 5mg

Deslor - 5mg
Deslor - 5mg
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Product Description

Deslor 5mg is an effective medication employed for the treatment of allergic reactions and chronic hives. Being an antihistamine agent, the medication stops the activity of Histamine, a chemical substance released by the immune system, which works on histamine receptors triggering allergic reactions such as watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, sneezing and rash associated with chronic hives.

Desloratadine Dosage and Administration
Consult your pharmacist for obtaining answers to your doubts regarding Desloratadine drug. A tablet of Deslor containing 5mg of active ingredient Desloratadine must be taken orally with water once in 24 hours.
The medication is known to deliver great medical results, either with or without food.

Desloratadine Side Effects
Desloratadine 5mg side effects are dizziness, constipation, muscle pain, nausea, menstrual pain, severe skin allergy, unusual swelling, seizures, yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice), heartbeat, dark color urine and chest tightening.

Desloratadine Precautions
Do not use Desloratadine medication if you are sensitive towards the medication.
It is known to pass into breast milk. Thus, women who are breastfeeding a child must not take the drug without doctors guidance.

Deslor Buying Info
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