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Dicorate ER - 500mg

Dicorate ER - 500mg
Dicorate ER - 500mg
Active Ingredients
Divalproex Sodium
Generic Brand for
Depakote ER
Manufacture by
Sun Pharma
Blister Strip
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Product Description

What is Dicorate ER 500mg tab?
Divalproex 500mg brand name for divalproex sodium, is an anti epileptic and anti seizure drug used in treatment of mood disorders like bipolar disorder, migraine headaches, epilepsy and for other related diseases as prescribed by the doctor. It is used to control seizures in case of epilepsy.

Divalproex 500mg tab-Important Information
If you have any medical history of liver, kidney or pancreatic diseases then inform doctor. In case of pregnancy or during breast feeding consult doctor before taking this medicine. Do not take alcohol while taking this drug to avoid any mishap.

How Divalproex works and dosage
Divalproex sodium present in Dicorate 500mg tab works by restoring the balance of certain chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain and help in controlling seizures. Dosage should be taken exactly as directed by the physician for the prescribed time period. Dosage again depends on the extent of requirement in each person individually. Dose should not be increased or decreased without consulting doctor.

Interactions with other drugs
To avoid any complications while taking Dicorate avoid few medications like tegretol, rifadin, elavil, pamolor, ativan, felbatol and any other drug or alcohol. Discuss with your doctor before taking any new medicine.

Dicorate ER 500mg tab Side Effects
Some people may be prone to certain side effects of Its like: nausea, swellings, suicidal tendencies, restlessness, panic attacks, insomnia and other such symptoms. If any such symptom becomes serious then consult doctor.

Where to find Divalproex 500mg tab?
Many registered online pharmacies avail attractive offers and discounts. The drugs are of high quality and cheaply priced online.
Some may avail free home delivery facility and shipment.

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