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Geftinat 250mg

Geftinat 250mg
Geftinat 250mg
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Geftinat 250mg Uses
Geftinib 250mg is a drug that is usually prescribed for those patients who are suffering from lung cancer. A cancer chemotherapy medication, the drug works by lowering the speed with which the cancer cells are produced and also by stopping the production of cancer cells all together. Geftinat contains geftinib which is considered very effective for treating cancer of the lungs and in those patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Geftinib Dosage and Administration
The recommended dose of Geftinib is one 250mg tablet once a day taken with water and with or without food. The doses should be taken only after consultation with medical specialist and also for full term.

Geftinib Side Effects
The most common side effects while on a treatment with Geftinib are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, acidity, asthenia and loss of appetite. Gastro-intestinal system is affected when treated with Geftinib 250mg. It is also known to have serious side effects like liver and lungs problem, eye problems, swelling of tongue, lips or face, allergic reactions and others.

Geftinib Precautions
Do not use Geftinib if you are suffering from drug allergies
Pregnant woman and nursing mothers should avoid taking this drug.
In case allergic to any drug the doctor should be informed beforehand.

Geftinat Buying Info
Several online shops can be approached for buying Geftinat. One can also avail the discounts and various other customer friendly services provided by such online stores

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