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Ledercort - 4 mg

Ledercort - 4 mg
Ledercort - 4 mg
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Product Description

What is Ledercort 4mg?
Triamcinolone is used in treatment of allergic and inflammatory disorders, allergic rhinitis, symptomatic control for hay fever, inflammatory joint pains, inflammatory skin conditions, mouth ulceration, and for any such medical conditions as prescribed by the doctor.

Triamcinolone 4mg-Important Information
If you are allergic to any medication, report to the doctor. In case of administering to children or in case of pregnancy or breast feeding consult doctor. If suffering from any serious medical illness, inform doctor.

How Triamcinolone 4mg works?
Triamcinolone in Ledercort suppresses migration of polymorph nuclear leucocytes and reduces capillary permeability and decreases inflammation. Dosage depends on the medical condition and may vary from person to person.

Triamcinolone 4mg-Side Effects
In some cases certain side effects may occur like skin itching, burning or swelling, peptic ulceration, GI upsets, skin rashes, or any other symptom. If any condition becomes serious consult your doctor instantly.

Where to find Ledercort 4mg?
You may get Ledercort online with a few clicks of buttons and save yourself the trouble of going to the market.
The medication is available on any of the well reputed 24x7 pharmacies at a very reasonable rate sometimes lesser than market price too.

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