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Vilitra 10mg Tablets

Vilitra 10mg Tablets
Vilitra 10mg Tablets
Active Ingredients
Vardenafil Hcl
Generic Brand for
10 mg
Manufacture by
Centurian labs
Tablets in Blister
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60 Tablets $1.14 $1.14
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Product Description

Vilitra 10mg Tablets

Erectile dysfunction sneaks up unnoticed. First, it manifests itself in rare erectile failures after a couple of glasses of strong alcohol, then gradually begins to spoil sober sex, and after 3-7 years of making love for a man without potency regulators, it becomes completely impossible.

Men who have problems with erectile dysfunction will easily get rid of their problem with the help of the generic Vilitra. It is 10 mg of this drug that is the optimal daily dose. The drug is intended for men who find it difficult to achieve an erection on their own.

Unfortunately, in our time it is not uncommon. There are many reasons for poor erection: nervous tension, age, a large release of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, complexes, fatigue.

How does it work?

Vilitra 10 mg is created specifically to help men again feel their masculine power. The drug relaxes the muscles of the penis, which greatly increases its sensitivity and erection. Vilitra is effective even in case of impotence. Numerous studies conducted by pharmacological companies prove this. Patients taking a generic for a month returned their erection.
If you notice the first signs of erectile dysfunction, then you should not postpone treatment until the deadline, because impotence is the point of no return. For all men who first encounter symptoms of erectile dysfunction, we advise you to buy Vilitra 10 mg - a drug that not only relieves the symptoms of male impotence but also treats it.

Details on the composition of Vilitra 10 mg

The composition of any drug can be divided into 2 categories: active components and auxiliary. Active components perform a direct medicinal function, that is, they fight against various manifestations of the disease, and auxiliary components are needed to “serve” the active ones: to improve their digestibility, speed, duration of action, etc. Usually, nobody pays attention to auxiliary components, since they have no special meaning. The same situation with Vilitra 10 mg - only the active component, called Vardenafil, matters here.

Good therapeutic effect
This is what we talked about at the beginning. If you take Vilitra 10 mg in a course, then after a month you will achieve a therapeutic (drug) effect, that is, you will begin to receive a high-quality erection without any pills.

High security
When taking Vilitra 10 mg, the likelihood of any complications is absolutely impossible. This is due to both the high level of safety of vardenafil and a small dosage of the drug.

Soft effect
When taking other potency regulators, men often complain of various side effects: redness of the face, nasal congestion, loss of color perception, etc. When taking Vilitra 10 mg, such effects are extremely unlikely.

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