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Topamac 50mg

Topamac 50mg
Topamac 50mg
Active Ingredients
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50mg Tablets
Manufacture by
Johnson & Johnson
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Product Description

Topamac 50mg-Drug Information
Topiramate is an anti convulsant or anti-epileptic medicine that is prescribed to control and treat seizures in adults and children who are at least 2 years old. This OTC drug is also used to relive migraine headaches in those children who are at least 12 years old as well as in adults.Topiramate 50mg will not treat a headache which has already started. This medication will only prevent or reduce the number of attacks.

Topiramate 50mg-Points to be Noted
Do not stop taking Topiramate 50mg even if you feel fine. Stopping it suddenly may increase the seizures. Do not stop or start taking this medicine Topamac 50mg without asking your doctor if you are pregnant. Speak to your doctor at once if you experience pain around or behind the eyes or if you have a sudden change in your vision.

Topiramate 50mg-Dosing Information
Seek your doctors instructions and take the dosage of Drug accordingly. It may be taken with or without food. You can swallow Topiramate sprinkle capsule whole or mix it into a spoonful of apple sauce or any soft food to make swallowing easier.

Topiramate 50mg-What are the Side Effects?
Get your doctors urgent aid if you have vision problems, sudden vision loss, eye pain or redness or signs of too much ammonia in your blood.

Where to Buy Topamac 50mg?
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