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Buy Tricosilk Max Solution Online

Tricosilk Max Solution

Tricosilk Max Solution
Tricosilk Max Solution

Generic name

Minoxidil 5% + Aminexil 1.5%

US Brand

Tricosilk Max Solution


Bottle Pack



Manufacture by

Ajanta Pharma

Tricosilk Max Solution

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1 $28.60 $24.50 $28.6 $24.5

About Tricosilk Max Solution

How does Tricosilk Max Solution?

Tricosilk is the non-prescription treatment use for Hair Loss in Men. It has a combination of two active ingredients, Minoxidil 5%, and Aminexil 1.5%. Minoxidil in Tricosilk solution relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow in hair follicles. During the Medical Trial, Minoxidil shows good results in regrowing of Hair.

Aminexil did not come in a single formulation. It always comes in combination with Active ingredient Minoxidil that Provides Essential Nutrients in the Hair root.

Tricosilk should be used regularly for 3 to 4 Months to get better results in hair growth.

Side Effects of Tricosilk
Every product in pharma has few side effects. A few side effects of this medication are Headache, eye irritation, Runny nose, little hair growth on face.

These medicines should not be suggested for those patients who are allergic to Aminexil or Minoxidil.
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