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Buy Cytogard 20mg Online

Cytogard 20mg

Cytogard 20mg
Cytogard 20mg

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Cytogard 20mg

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About Cytogard 20mg

How does Cytogard 20mg?

What is Cytogard 20mg?
Trimetazidine 20mg medication is used for treatment of angina pectoris. Trimetazidine is an anti-angina and anti-ischemic agent which helps improve myocardial glucose utilization by inhibiting fatty acid metabolism. In some cases it may be prescribed for tinnitus and dizziness or for any other conditions as prescribed by the doctor.

Abacavir Sulphate 20mg-Important Information
Any allergic reaction to any medication should be informed to doctor. Any serious medical condition or case of pregnancy or breast feeding should be reported to doctor before taking this medication.

How Cytogard 20mg works and dosage
Trimetazidine inhibits beta-oxidation of fatty acids and helps enhancing glucose oxidation. Dose should be administered exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not alter dosage without consulting doctor.

Trimetazidine 20mg-Side Effects
Some side effects like tremors, joint pains, movement disorders, restlessness, dizziness, allergies or any other symptoms may be seen. If any condition becomes severe consult doctor immediately.

Where to find Cytogard 20mg?
Cytogard 20mg is easily available in any of the registered online pharmacies. You may get them at discounted rates and at very economical rates.
Some provide free home delivery service and offer great deals too.