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Stavir 30mg

Stavir 30mg

Stavir 30mg
Stavir 30mg

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Stavir 30mg

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About Stavir 30mg

How does Stavir 30mg?

Stavir 30mg
Stavudine 30mg is used in combination with retroviral agents to treat HIV infection.

How does Stavudine 30mg work?
Stavudine 30mg is a synthetic thymidine nucleoside analogue that acts against HIV virus. The medicine is found to exert anti-viral activity. Stavir medication is found to slow down the growth of the virus in the human body.

How to take Stavudine 30mg?
Stavudine 30mg should be taken as directed by your physician. The medicine is available over the counters for cheap prices. It is normally sold only on a valid prescription. The dose that is recommended is twice every twelve hours. However, your doctor is the right person to decide the duration of course and dosage.

Side effects of Stavudine 30mg
Seek immediate medical attention in case you face any allergic reaction. Difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling, hives and skin rashes are some of the many symptoms that are normally noticed.